'Resident Evil 4' Remake Makes 'The Last Of Us' Remake Look Like A Joke

Some games just shouldn't be remade (yet).
'Resident Evil 4' Remake Makes 'The Last Of Us' Remake Look Like A Joke

Yesterday we finally got a good glimpse at the Resident Evil 4 Remake in motion and the only possible complaint is that maybe a dark and gruesome horror tale probably has no business looking this good. Resident Evil games are used to pushing the envelope when it comes to graphics, but this is just something else.

Protagonist Leon S. Kennedy and his gorgeous jacket


That fur looks so good we instinctively wonder whether they killed actual animals for that.

That's not a cutscene but what the actual game looks like, and it's not even the best of the bunch.

A screenshot so good it looks like photo mode.


It's like photo mode is always on.

Even the legendary Random Ganado#1 got a stunning glow up.

The first enemy from the remake


This time Leon probably won't take as long to get the message that trespassing is bad.

Let's compare that to the very first zombie we encounter in the first game.

the first zombie from the first game


We're almost past the point when gameplay beats the CGI cutscenes of the past, huh?

Ok, that's probably not fair. Let's do a direct comparison to the original Resident Evil 4. While we don't love the change in color palette shown below, the graphical improvements are just staggering:

direct comparison


Fun fact: the brown-ish tint might seem tired nowadays, but that's only because every post-RE4 game legally had to copy it.

We're certain that the RE4 will rock. It's still a great game by today's standards, but it's nearly 15 years old, so it could do with a nice facelift. This takes us to the other recently announced remake of huge proportions, The Last Of Us Part I. We've previously stated that the original TLOU still looks great, so, unless they're remaking it to add the excellent accessibility options present in the sequel, it just doesn't make much sense. Let's see if we're right:

still from 'Logan'


Right after we show a completely unrelated picture of 2017's banger, Logan

We apologize for the confusion the image above might have caused. Here's what the actual Last Of Us Part I remake will look like:

Screenshot from the original TLOU Remaster for the PS4

Naughty Dog

We don't need special gamer vision to realize that it looks great, but it looks a lot like the original version of the game:

screenshot from the actual remake

Naughty Dog

It looks so much like the original, in fact, that we could totally swap them and many wouldn't know the difference – so that's exactly what we did. Yeah, the second picture is the one from the remake. While some aspects are certainly superior, overall it feels more like a change in art direction than in technology – because we still don't have the technology to do much better than this. It's all especially weird because Naughty Dog had another team helming the remake and then decided they'd have to do it themselves, which begs the question of what did it look like before this? It's still going to be great, we're sure, and we hope the people at Naughty Dog aren't being abused to do this one, but our mantra remains undefeated: add accessibility options to the old games and remake bad games, not good ones.

Top Image: Capcom

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