Favorite Brunch Beverages Statted Out for D&D Homebrew

Roll for hangover cures.
Favorite Brunch Beverages Statted Out for D&D Homebrew

Bottomless Mimosas


The most iconic brunch drink.

Bottomless Mimosas are a must have for many brunch go-ers. Now your adventuring party can drink them too.


Don't initiate NPC dialogue with me until I've had my coffee.

Faerûn runs on Dunkin'.

Frozen Margarita

Roll 1d4 for brainfreeze.

The boldest move you can make at brunch is ordering a frozen marg. 


Bonus XP if you drink it out of a leathern flask.

Sometimes, sadly, you do need to have a water lap at brunch. Even though there's no booze in it. Even though Collin will make fun of you for not ordering a second cocktail even though it's only 11:30 am.


An ancient Waterdeep legend says that if you drink this after taking acid you'll trip balls.

The most wholesome of brunch drinks is also the most healing.

Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

Get your charisma back after a night of drinking with pirates or orcs or orc pirates.

This brunch beverage adventure is only recommended for characters level 10 and above.


-3 to all stats for bringing this into a brunch place. 

Weird flex but if you've got a bad hangover you gotta do what you gotta do.

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