Hideo Kojima Reportedly Developing 'Overdose', A New Horror Game

And he wants us to be quiet about it.
Hideo Kojima Reportedly Developing 'Overdose', A New Horror Game

Everybody loves a good piece of Hideo Kojima-related news – even when they're clearly fake, so let's rejoice because we just caught wind of the real deal. Yesterday, we read about how Hideo Kojima was totally working on a new game called Overdose. Details are naturally scarce right now because this was a leak, but what we do know right now is that we're talking about a horror title in the vein of P.T. starring Margaret Qualley, which many may know from her roles as Lockne and Mama in Death Stranding (she's the one with a ghost baby, pretty hard to forget). We also had a tiny glimpse at the game's logo:

Overdose's supposed logo

Kojima Productions

And look, right now we'd feel insulted if anyone reading this doesn't think we've gone completely mad by posting the video game age equivalent of a blurry picture of the Big Foot as proof, but there's a very interesting detail to this story. Everyone wants to know what's next for the creator of Metal Gear Solid and the once-heir of the Silent Hill throne, especially since he'd previously promised a horror game that'd make us crap our pants, but there are new bonkers rumors coming out every day. When we first heard about this piece of news, we immediately moved it to the spam folder of our brains we have dedicated just for Kojima shenanigans (it's bigger than our regular spam folder), but we probably shouldn't have, though, because Kojima himself doesn't want us talking about this. Yeah, the original leaker actually got a message from Kojima productions to delete the article. 

Lisa from P.T.


Amateurs. Our offices just got this picture and a caption that reads “7 days”. More details will probably arise by then.

If Kojima's presentations are always an elaborate smoke and mirrors show, then this is breaking the fourth wall. This is the real deal. Important to note, however, is how it's probably not cool to just show this kind of stuff before the people developing it think it's ready. Sure, we're also showing it, but not before larger video game outlets have decided to betray Kojima as well. Please don't share this article so hard that it gets bigger than IGN's coverage – we'd feel so bad.

We expect to learn more about this new project at the Summer Game Fest on June 9th.

Top Image: Konami


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