Epic Store's First NFT Game Looks Like Crap

Epic Store's First NFT Game Looks Like Crap

Remember when the blockchain was totally going to change the way we play games? We don't, but we sure do remember a lot of dudes making serious claims that it totally would. Those believers have likely either died of starvation or found a different pyramid to get others to build, as NFT demand has fallen to an all-time low. We thought that the unwavering unpopularity amongst gamers combined with the abundance of security issues that make it easy to lose millions of dollars guaranteed that we wouldn't see any big publishers betting on the once-fad, but we were wrong. Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, the only game that has ever existed, have just announced that they will use the Epic Games Store to sell Grit, a grit-less attempt at an NFT game set in the Wild West.

Grit's promo picture
We're not sure whether using the cover of a caravan as a parachute is the devs' idea of a funny joke or just lazy asset reuse.

Grit is a new battle royale in the vein of Fortnite that dared to replace the awesome building mechanics with cowboy hats and clunky animations. Look at how one of the very few crypto-evangelists still alive and obvious game-knower enthusiastically presents the gameplay of Grit.

What makes a game good is up to personal taste so we'll leave that to the interpretation of our readers, leaving only the note that Grit is not a mobile game – this is something meant to run on a PC in 2022. What's even more interesting about Grit is that one of their NFTs is horse armor, the very thing that turned players against the idea of paid DLC in the first place.

Grit's non-unique horse armor NFT
If they had any actual grit in them, the devs would've sold NFTs snake oil bottles and claimed they are the real deal.

This mess becomes even more interesting when we learn that the announcement of Grit took place just a few days before the company had to explain to fans that "Fortnite Token" is a crypto-scam made by an unrelated party.

Top Image: Gala Games

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