Fans Of War Simulator Game Won't Stop Spilling Military Secrets Online

Fans Of War Simulator Game Won't Stop Spilling Military Secrets Online

Safety, security, absolute freedom, or just staying out of prison are all important elements for fans of military video games, sure, but they all pale in comparison with one thing: being right on the Internet. Those are not our words, but seemingly those of at least three forum users of War Thunder, a popular war vehicle simulation game/vehicle for actual military secret leaks. In the past, there have been at least two instances of players divulging military secrets on War Thunder's forums just so they could prove whose tank had the bigger “canon”, and it seems like the battle is totally worth fighting for as we've just seen it happening for the third goddamn time.

a War Thunder glitch that shows a massive tree


Our dear readers in the Pentagon can relax, this isn't about the Metal Gear Tree.

Our readers in the Pentagon can rejoice, even, because the player in question was actually divulging not American, but Chinese military secrets. Yeah, instead of yet another proud American proudly publishing secret military documents on forums protected only by most regular people's total lack of interest in the subject, we got an actual Chinese player divulging Chinese military secrets. We obviously won't show the secrets here, but it's not as if we need to, because even though they got immediately deleted from the game's forums, they quickly infested a large part of the Internet gaming sphere. In simple and harmless terms, this man was unhappy about a certain piece of artillery's firepower, so he showed the weapon's actual schematics and put a part of the equipment on top of the papers because we're only as badass as the paperweights we use. It's important to note that these aren't the kind of secrets that'll allow people to create weapons of mass murder (not that we've read them, of course), but they're still more than capable of landing a leaker a serious(ly unnecessary) prison sentence.

war thunder glitch that shows a flying submarine


Our dear readers in the Chinese Pentagon can relax, this isn't about the flying submarine.

Top Image: Gaijin Entertainment

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