15 Matt Berry Moments We Just Had To Share

"Damn these electric sex pants!"
15 Matt Berry Moments We Just Had To Share

The golden-throated absurdist comedy god that is Matt Berry has blessed us with so many original and unpredictable comedy moments. It is only fair to honor his service by sharing with the public these 15 laugh-out-loud Matt Berry moments.

Fire the Nuclear Weapons

In Toast of London, we often see Toast in the voiceover booth, with a particular favorite being his submarine announcement voiceovers. They request he says “fire the nuclear weapons” with a bit more fun. It’s a must-see.

Gun Possession

Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place is one of my top 10 favorite TV programs of all time. The premise is simple. A horror writer releases his failed show that he wrote, directed and starred in years after it was made. The show is full of cliches, continuity errors, and bad acting, all on purpose. In this scene, Matt Berry's character, Dr. Lucien Sanchez, fights a gun with a gun.

Jackie Daytona

When Lazlo decides to leave the other vampires on What We Do In The Shadows, he starts a new life in Pennsylvania as Jackie Daytona. In this Matt Berry-centered episode, we follow the rise and fall of town hero Jackie Daytona, as he basically goes through an entire character arc. 

Clem Fandango

Any Toast of London fan knows the infamous name of “Clem Fandango.” Clem Fandango is in nearly every episode and he always introduces himself and asks Toast if he can hear him. There are several supercuts, but this is a great one to understand this series-long running gag.

Snuff Box Boyfriend Scenes

One of the funniest running gags ever in Snuff Box was this runner of Matt Berry finding out women have boyfriends in the midst of flirting with them. Berry drops whatever he is holding immediately and gives a quick “F**k you” before turning to leave. The escalation never ceases to amaze.

Lone Wolf

Matt Berry’s silky smooth voice makes him perfectly suited to parody British nature documentaries. In this video, Berry narrates over a group of wolves. Best quote of the video goes to “the others take this example on board and accelerate quickly to 40 miles per wolf hour!” 

Was That Hitler

After Douglas Reynholm unexpectedly dies during a meeting, we see him awaken in a white suit in heaven. Douglas sees his father in a doorway telling him to come to join him in heaven. As Douglas approaches the door, Hitler pops his head out. This might not be heaven.

Rabbit’s Distraction

In Matt Berry’s period comedy Year of the Rabbit, his character Rabbit pulls the ultimate sneak attack on two women in a carriage. I won’t spoil too much, but it does include 29 pieces of dog sh*t.

Electric Sex Pants

The ultimate comedy gag: fellatio-related visual trickery! Douglas Reynholm needs Moss to fix his electric sex pants and the two are interrupted by an Interfaith tour group. 

Guitar Lesson

Matt Berry’s sketch show Snuff Box is full of perfect absurdist comedy gold, but a favorite is definitely the guitar lesson sketch. It’s weird and trippy, perfect to show your bong-ripping friend

Lazlo's Witch Skin Hat

In a fantastic episode of What We Do In The Shadows, Matt Berry’s Character Lazlo reveals that he owns a partially living witch skin hat. The only problem is, that it’s cursed and causes everything to go wrong around him. In one particular scene, his cape gets caught in a taxi door, and he is dragged all the way up the street.

Snuff Box Suicide Pt IV (The Empty Room)

In order to honor his brother who tragically committed suicide, Matt Berry wrote this touching song on Snuff Box in his memory. Grab a tissue.

One Track Lover

Dr. Lucien Sanchez breaks into one of the most beautiful 80s-style tracks you’ve ever heard randomly in this episode of Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place. It is completely unexpected and features a rapping Richard Ayoade.

Wow, A Gun!

Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, and Katherine Parkinson were fantastic on IT Crowd, but Matt Berry really stole the show once he joined the cast as Douglas Reynholm. His character's fantastic introduction occurs when he searches through his dead father's desk and finds a gun. He immediately pulls the trigger while pointing it at his mouth to check if it’s loaded.

The Porn Voiceover

Toast and Ray Purchase porn vo

Objective Media Group

Perhaps a little too explicit for a video, this scene is a Toast Of London classic. Toast and his mortal enemy Ray Purchase, are both booked on a voice-over gig, to do the English dub of a homosexual adult film. Matt Berry and co-star Harry Peacock give it their all with some great ASMR kissing sounds.

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