25 Bobby Hill Moments We Just Had To Share

"Let go of my purse! I Don't know you!"
25 Bobby Hill Moments We Just Had To Share

The gentle and sweet Bobby Hill is perhaps the best character in the entire King of the Hill series. His lazy yet curious mind keeps Hank on his Texan toes, leading to some of the best situational comedy out there. Here are 25 Bobby Hill moments we will cherish forever.

Bobby Gets Real

Bobby Hill Soccer


Hank: “Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.”

Bobby: "Why Do You Hate What You Don't Understand?" 

Bobby’s Birthday Hints

Bobby Hill


"Think about it, Luanne. Why would you bring a child to a department store to buy a dryer when his birthday is three and a half weeks away? It just doesn’t make sense!"

Bobby’s Tight Five

Bobby Hill stand up


From Bobby’s comedy set after seeing comedian “Boudda Sac” (Chris Rock).

"And white people always be walking around like this…like they be crushing diamonds in there or something! Look at me! I’m white!”

Bobby’s Fear Of Abduction

"My dad sure wants me to be at that haunted house. Last time he wanted me to be somewhere that bad, I woke up without tonsils.”

Never remove tonsils without enthusiastic verbal consent.

Bobby’s Final Message To Luanne Before She Leaves

Bobby Hill diary


“Good-Bye, Luanne. I just wanted you to know that I never read your diary, even though you suspected I did on June 18th, 1985.”

Bobby’s Time Management Skills

Lazy Bobby Hill


"I was getting ready, but I worked up an appetite looking for dress pants, so I ordered a pizza, and that ate up a chunk of time.”

How I missed my aunt's funeral.

Bobby’s Simple Pleasures

"Donuts were one of life’s little joys. If the government bans puppy breath and good yawns, I’ll have nothing left to live for!”

The government is gonna have to pry puppy breath from my cold dead hands.

Bobby’s Vows

Bobby Hill wedding


"Luanne, I know we’ve had our differences, but I was kinda hoping we could make up and not get married.” 

Top 10 things to say at the altar to keep the guests entertained.

Bobby’s Sexual Awakening

Bobby Hill slut


Peggy: “What do you know about sexual relations?” 

Bobby: "I don’t know. Nothing much. I'm a little worried about being a slut."

Aren’t we all, Bobby?

Bobby’s Animal Instincts

fish Bobby Hill


Hank: “Just remember, to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish.”

Bobby: “I'm wet and I don't even know it."

Do you think fish think that humans don’t know we are dry?

Phish and Wildlife

Bobby’s Hygiene Routine

bath Bobby Hill


Bobby: “I’ve got a girlfriend now, she expects me to smell a certain way”

Hank: “Then suck it up and take a shower!

Bobby: “Eh, I don’t like to stand that long.”

Bobby obviously doesn’t know how often I find myself laying down in the shower.

Bobby’s Emotional Intelligence

fig newtons Bobby Hill


“Would it cheer you up if I stuffed some fig newtons up my nose?”

My go-to bit when I volunteer at the terminal ward.

Bobby’s Smart mouth

“To tell you the truth, dad, that sounds boring. It’s ok if you’re into boring, but I’m not.” 

I truly wish he could’ve peeled out on a propane powered Harley after this line.

Bobby’s Guitar Skills

Eddie cheddar Bobby Hill


"Hey, look at me! I'm Eddie Cheddar!"

Bobby’s Self Defense

Bobby Hill self defense


"I don’t know you! That’s my purse!"

TikTok thanks you for this sound, Bobby.

Bobby’s Culinary Critiques

Bobby Hill sloppy joe


“My Sloppy Joe is all sloppy, and no Joe."

Petition to change the name of “Sloppy Joes” to just “Sloppies.”

Bobby’s Vow

Bobby Hill sad


“I’ll never use toilet paper in anger again”

Bobby’s Respect For The Dead

Bobby Hill dead bird


*Holding a dead bird out the window*

“Taste the wind one last time, bird spirit.”

Bobby’s Christmas Gift

“Cool, a nightgown! I’m gonna wear this when I get older.”

Bobby’s Career Dreams

Bobby Hill golf girl


Bobby: “I could be a golf course drink girl.”

*Bobby sets down 2 sodas*

Bobby: “Is there anything else I can get you gentlemen?”

Peggy: “Bobby, don’t let your father see you do that, honey.”

Bobby’s Southern Roots

Bobby Hill louisiana


(With a Louisiana southern drawl.) 

“Well, I need a window seat because this flower is wilting.”

Bobby’s Idea Of Celebration

Bobby Hill celebrate


“This is a cause for celebration! I’m staying up till eleven!”

Bobby’s Romantic Ways

“Let’s not spoil the moment with a lot of talk.”

Bobby has always been a romantic at heart.

Bobby’s Romance Interruption

Bobby Hill scream


Bobby and Peggy both scream after she walks in on him making out with a mannequin. Peggy should be happy that Bobby is finally settling down.

Bobby’s Delicate Body

Bobby Hill pheonix


“111 degrees? Phoenix can’t really be that hot can it?”

*Bobby hops out of the car*

“Oh my God it’s like standing on the sun!”

Flashbacks occur of when I only packed black jeans for a summer trip to Vegas.

Bobby’s Dancing

Bobby Hill twerk


“Dad, look, it worked! We’re dancing!”

Who knew Bobby could throw that thing back with such ferocity! O.K. Bobby, I see you!

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