The gentle and sweet Bobby Hill is perhaps the best character in the entire King of the Hill series. His lazy yet curious mind keeps Hank on his Texan toes, leading to some of the best situational comedy out there. Here are 25 Bobby Hill moments we will cherish forever.

Bobby’s Birthday Hints

Bobby Hill


"Think about it, Luanne. Why would you bring a child to a department store to buy a dryer when his birthday is three and a half weeks away? It just doesn’t make sense!"

Bobby’s Tight Five

Bobby Hill stand up


From Bobby’s comedy set after seeing comedian “Boudda Sac” (Chris Rock).

"And white people always be walking around like this…like they be crushing diamonds in there or something! Look at me! I’m white!”

Bobby’s Fear Of Abduction

"My dad sure wants me to be at that haunted house. Last time he wanted me to be somewhere that bad, I woke up without tonsils.”

Never remove tonsils without enthusiastic verbal consent.

Bobby’s Hygiene Routine

bath Bobby Hill


Bobby: “I’ve got a girlfriend now, she expects me to smell a certain way”

Hank: “Then suck it up and take a shower!

Bobby: “Eh, I don’t like to stand that long.”

Bobby obviously doesn’t know how often I find myself laying down in the shower.

Bobby’s Dancing

Bobby Hill twerk


“Dad, look, it worked! We’re dancing!”

Who knew Bobby could throw that thing back with such ferocity! O.K. Bobby, I see you!

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