15 Zack Galifianakis Moments That Are Timeless

These are the 15 best clips that anyone has ever had.
15 Zack Galifianakis Moments That Are Timeless

I remember seeing Zach Galifianakis live at Largo in LA. Everyone would not stop laughing at everything he did, whether it was a joke or not, which he commented was odd. The thing is though, Galifianakis is one of those performers that makes you laugh incessantly just by existing. Here are 15 moments of Zach existing to the fullest, that will live in your mind for eternity.

Barack Obama On Between Two Ferns

The sheer stones someone has to have to invite the president to a show where the entire premise is to berate them. This isn’t just a big moment in Zach’s career, this was a big moment in Obama’s career. Who knows how much he really got done in office, but I think it’s fair to say this was one of his main accomplishments.

Seth Galifianakis

There are many things to love about Zach’s standup special Live At The Purple Onion but the best part has to be the introduction of Zach’s brother Seth. Seth is a gentler Galifianakis who yearns for the friendship of his edgier twin brother. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a must watch.

Annie Monologue From SNL

For many, this was a first taste of Zach’s standup routine. Zach was still new to being in the mainstream spotlight and making his SNL debut. The jokes are perfect, but the big surprise is Zach’s lip syncing of “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” dressed in full Annie garb. 

A Vodka Movie

Tim & Eric and Zach go together like vodka and vodka. In this bizarre three part advertisement for Absolut Vodka, the three friends bond while tip-toeing around Zach’s short temper. Watch all three parts and thank me later.

Mind Control VS Brain Control

Dinner For Schmucks holds up, I’ll be the first to tell you. While the movie is filled to the brim with genius comedic actors, Galifianakis steals the show as Therman. Therman is a master of mind control, but Barry has just learned brain control, who will win? Watch to find out. 

Card Counting in The Hangover

Zach’s portrayal of Alan in The Hangover series is what gave him his vast notoriety to begin with. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one moment from the trilogy, but the only meme still in circulation from the first film is Alan’s counting cards scene. 

Bloopers from the Between Two Ferns Movie

The Between Two Ferns movie is a genuine masterpiece, but it’s hard to disagree that the bloopers may be the funniest part of the entire film. Seeing the guests genuine reactions from hearing Zach’s jokes for the first time is as hilarious as it is heartwarming.

Game of Game of Thrones

Galifianakis has a few SNL’s under his belt at this point, but the best sketch so far has got to be the “Game of Game of Thrones” sketch. It’s a classic sketch in terms of writing, a game show format written around the rule of threes, but Zach’s emotion while in his little dragon costume adds a little something extra.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The entire episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featuring Galifianakis is an eye opening look at how Zach views fame and attention, but it’s cut in between moments of a genuine look at two funny friends delighting each other. If you didn’t love Zach before, this grounds him in an entirely new way.

Between Two Ferns With Will Ferrell

In what has got to be the best episode of Between Two Ferns Galifianakis and Funny Or Die’s creator Will Ferrell attempt to out awkward one another while being hand fed strawberries. One of the best examples of a perfect boy's day.

Tairy Greene

Tairy Greene is the genius acting coach of the Tim & Eric universe. In this instance, Tairy teaches the youth of America while barefoot and screaming. The long pauses combined with Zach’s erratic yelling makes for a delicious Galifianakis comedy pie.

Zach Lights Up A Joint On Live TV

Galifianakis is not silent about his marijuana use, and in a badass turn of events, Zach lights up a joint live on Bill Maher during a discussion about drug use. This took place in 2010, long before California’s recreational use legalization in 2016.

Frisbee From RENO 911!

Frisbee was a recurring character on RENO 911. He was a crossbow wielding, machine gun owning, pied piper of child bandits. He’s one of the best guest spots Reno has ever had, and every appearance adds another layer of mystery to the character.

Due Date Masturbation Scene

When was the last time you watched Due Date? If it's been a while, pop it into your laser disc player because this film holds up beautifully. Galifinakis plays Ethan Tremblay, a struggling stoner actor who continually almost kills Robert Downey Junior's character on a road trip. There's a thousand great moments in the movie, but a particular favorite is how Ethan has to get to sleep every night.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis Debate Children

Any time these two get together it's comedy gold. While The Campaign may be pretty funny, this promo for the film blows it out of the water. Zach and Will Ferrell debate children, with the wonderful Ted Fartass.

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