Broad City changed Comedy Central forever after bringing their slice of life style to the story of two 20 somethings trying to survive in New York City. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer brought subjects like sex, drug use and self image to the forefront, while balancing gut busting comedic storylines. These 15 behind the scenes facts are our salute to you, Broad City.

The Show Began As A Youtube Series

The show was originally a web series chronicling little snippets of Abbi and Ilanas life in New York City as people in their 20s. The web series went on for 35 episodes before being picked up by Comedy Central.

Ilana Was Part Of An Anti-Drug Group

Ilana Glazer Broad City

Comedy Central

Talk about a change in career path.

When Ilana was in high school she was a member of an anti-drug group that she describes as “vaguely Christian.” Ilana left the group after she got a stoner boyfriend saying, “Ohhh, finally. I knew it was my calling.”

Bobby Moynihan Privately Coached The Duo

Bobby Moynihan Fourville


When UCB would not hire them for their house improv teams, Jacobson and Glazer rented their own space and hired Bobby Moynihan to coach them in comedy. Glazer said “I’m a firm believer in spending money on your ambition, because you’re going to be like, I need to make this back in some way.”

When will Bobby Moynihan return to private comedy lessons for just two people at a time?

The EpiPen Episode Is Based On True Events

Abbi Broad City

Comedy Central

Abbi accidentally stabbing herself with an EpiPen is based on a true story from her days as a camp counselor. According to Abbi, one of the other counselors was giving a demonstration on how to use an EpiPen, then accidentally stabbed herself in the hand. What followed this was the counselor describing the adrenaline running through her body calmly, which was hilarious to the show writers.

Abbi Really Did Get 8 Grand For An Illustration

The episode where Abbi receives 8,000 dollars for an illustration she did (followed by the greatest music video in Comedy Central history), was based on Abbi Jacobson’s real life experience of getting 8,000 dollars for an illustration. In reality she used the money to focus on Broad City’s web series full time.

There Was An Israel Episode Planned

Jews On A Plane Broad City

Comedy Central

The duo had planned to do an episode in Israel, but found it distasteful after an “infantata” occurred, so the episode was rewritten to be a bottle episode on a plane called “Jews on a Plane.” Jacobson said “Those limitations are sometimes little bursts of luck because it’s like that ended up being so bizarre and fun and probably way better than the Israel episode would’ve been.”

The Characters Weren’t Always Named Abbi And Ilana

When the script was originally written for the pilot the characters were named “Carly and Evelyn.” FX suggested they keep their own names, even though the studio eventually passed on the series.

Surely, they’ve regretted it ever since.

Comedy Runs In The Family

Eliot Glazer Broad City

Comedy Central

Ilana's brother on the show is played by her real life brother Eliot Glazer. Eliot Glazer is also a comedy writer, having written for New Girl, and the Broad City episode “Along Came Molly.”

They Danced At JLD’s Mark Twain Prize Ceremony

They presented at Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Mark Twain Prize

As lifelong Seinfeld fans, the duo got the chance to perform at Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Mark Twain Prize ceremony. The team performed a choreographed dance for Julia, while being terrified the entire time. Glazer commented, “That was one of the scariest things. The puking, we were so hyperventilating at that dance. We were wrenching after it.”

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