Nintendo Sports and Union Busting: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 24, 2022

Nintendo Sports and Union Busting: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 24, 2022

Nintendo Union Busting?!


The world’s most famous video game developer is coming under scrutiny for possibly firing an employee who had encouraged unionization. Nintendo may have possibly surveilled and retaliated against at least one employee. Anyone who has played Super Mario Maker 2 knows that they work those Toads to the BONE. 

Activision/Blizzard Head Protected by Facebook!

These rich and famous folks love to be naughty don’t they? The Wall Street Journal reports that Sheryl Sandberg, a head honcho at Meta aka Facebook aka Daddy Zuck’s Playroom, quashed stories in the infamous tabloid Daily Mail to protect Bobby Kotick, the head of Activision Blizzard who has many, many, many allegations of improper conduct against him. And would you look at that, the two were dating at the time. All these rich folks are trying to protect their rich buddies. Save that ish for Succession, you’re hurting real people by protecting an accused predator. 

Dune: Spice Wars - April 26



The spice is absolutely life. I should take work off all week honestly, I am gonna play the heck out of this game. 

DUNE. DUNE. DUNE. The best movie ever (and okay-est book series) gets a real-time strategy game. Conquer Arrakis as you see fit and mine that sweet sweet Spice, play as a member of the Landsraad, and build your legacy in the galaxy. Battle big ol’ sandworms this week when the game launches in early access on PC.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - April 27


The battle royale genre gets a much needed fantasy injection with this free to play game from Sharkmob AB. It’s leaving early access and coming out on Playstation and PC this week. Instead of hunting vampires, you’ll be one. With single player, three person squads, and ranked modes as standard fare for battle royales, Bloodhunt will have to be something really special to distinguish itself from the crowd.

Nintendo Switch Sports - April 29


Union busting allegations aside: Nintendo might have another smash hit on their hands with the updated version of the Wii Sports franchise. The avatars look more like friendly Animal Crossing folks instead of creepy-ass Mii’s, which is a home run. Soccer, tennis, bowling, volleyball, badminton and a chonky, bonky sword game called Chambara are launching with the game’s release. A golf expansion is planned for the fall. Play them all with friends or solo on your Switch.

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