A First Look At 'Skate 4' (That EA Doesn't Want Us To See)

Multiple bone fractures have never looked this smooth.
A First Look At 'Skate 4' (That EA Doesn't Want Us To See)

Remember two decades ago when one little skateboarding title appeared out of nowhere to take the crowd of extreme video game sports? No, it wasn't Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, that was in the late ‘90s, so three decades ago. Get on with the times, old sk8r boi. We're talking about Skate from ‘07, the unassuming title by EA that turned the crater left by the deceased Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise into an awesome skatepark. Out were the more popular skater names, in were top-of-the-line physics and an updated over-the-shoulder cam that made breaking our bones in a game almost as fun as doing it in real life. Skate spawned two sequels which enjoyed a ton of success, but the series went cold in 2010 only to resurface in late 2021 when EA finally announced Skate 4. Gameplay footage of a pre-alpha version has just leaked and EA sure as hell doesn't want people to see it as evidenced by how they're purging it everywhere, but agreeing to them just wouldn't be a very extreme thing to do, now would it?

If the graphics look lackluster, that's because, well, they've yet to put the actual graphics in, but what matters here is the fluidity of the movements, and the devs are totally nailing that. What we see above is mostly just a stick figure as if envisioned by Abercrombie & Fitch, but its moves look fantastic already. Imagine how cool it'll be to see characters getting absolutely wrecked when they look just like Bam Margera. 

A Skate-unrelated piece of awesome news is that players will be able to perform frontflips without a Skate and the only caveat is that the Skate gods will seemingly punish whoever attempts such a thing by exposing their character's butt crack. The Supreme jacket-wearing man we see popping up all over the footage is presumably still in talks to appear in the final game.

Top Image: EA

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