'Portal 3' Could Actually Happen, And Here's Why

'Portal 3' Could Actually Happen, And Here's Why

Tired of having to jump from awesome fanmade to sometimes terrible and straight-up illegal sequels to quench the thirst for Valve-tasting video games? Cool, because we could be getting Portal 3, Valve's second most widely anticipated sequel soon – if we all give it a little help. Yeah, we shouldn't let bigger and probably more important events cloud our memory; Valve is officially back to making great games, something all gamers who don't own a VR set can attest to by checking out the brilliant Half-Life Alyx, the pre/sequel to Half-Life 2 from 2020 toilet tester simulator called  Aperture Desk Job. Probably in an attempt to surf that wave, Erik Wolpaw, one of Valve's veteran writers and co-writer of the first two games has just expressed the need to make the game as soon as possible. Even though we'd think this is a man with some kind of leeway inside the company, Wolpaw states that getting a game rolling inside that company is no easy task. That's why he just used a recent interview to ask whoever's listening to help get the word across to Gabe Newell to get the development of the game underway – unless the person listening is GabeN himself, who'd probably need to get the word to the evil Half-Life 3-denying-AI ruling the company.

Portal 2's awesome co-op


Gabriel, please. Begin making it now and we'll all have the perfect co-op experience for the next pandemic!

Wolpaw stated that the main reason for wanting to make the game is that he's not getting any younger, which is actually true for everyone! Also, he's not that old. We're just gonna have to guess that he really just wants to make it, and that's the best possible reason to make a game.

The poster for 'Hunt Down The Freeman', an awful illegal sequel to Half-Life 2

Valve, Royal Rudius Entertainment

Alternatively, we can tell GabeN that Hunt Down The Freeman was totally his best work to see if he makes Portal 3 the best game ever just to shut us up out of spite.

Top Image: Valve

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