'Moon Knight's Third Personality Has Been Popping Up All Along

'Moon Knight's Third Personality Has Been Popping Up All Along

Moon Knight is turning out to be about what if Indiana Jones and Fight Club (or maybe Mr. Robot) had a superhero show baby. The third episode let MCU fans in on something comic book readers already knew: there are more than two voices in the character's head. There's badass mercenary Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), wimpy gift shop attendant Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), and a third mystery personality who stabs a criminal to death in the middle of a fight sequence (gonna go ahead and guess he's also played by Oscar Isaac). Yes, it appears that the show is hinting at Moon Knight's classic alternate alternate personality from the comics: Spider-Man with Wolverine claws

Comic book panel showing Moon Knight in Spider-Man suit with Wolverine claws.
Seriously, that happened. 

Just kidding (Marvel doesn't like to talk about that period). It's much more likely that the third personality will be Jake Lockley, a streetwise cabbie identity Moon Knight initially used just to gather info on criminals. One of Jake's informants is a homeless man named Crawley, who, according to the credits, has actually been appearing in the show all along: he's the mute gold statue guy who serves as one of Steven's only two friends, the other one being an equally talkative goldfish. 

Moon Knight comic book panel showing Jake Lockley and Crawley.
Moon Knight screenshot showing Steven Grant and Crawley.
Plot twist: he's one of the gold aliens from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 living incognito on Earth. 

Also, note that, right before the third alter revelation in episode three, Marc found himself in the back of a taxi cab in Egypt, which could be a reference to Jake's profession. One of the alters being a professional driver might also explain how the hell Steven could have found himself driving a truck backwards through a narrow cliff road without falling off. 

Another possible hint is the moment in episode one when Steven learns he asked his attractive co-worker out on a date and doesn't remember doing it. That seems kind of out of character for Marc, given that he's clearly still pining for his estranged wife and going to extreme (even supernatural) lengths to protect her. There's also the whole thing about Steven finding out his goldfish has been replaced with a different fish, for some reason. Again, that seems like the sort of thing Marc, a no-BS action hero, wouldn't bother doing. Is the third alter intentionally messing with Steven? Was he the one who told the security guard at his job that his name was "Scotty"? 

In the comics, there's nothing particularly trolly (or murder-y) about Jake Lockley -- but then again, Steven Grant was originally a suave millionaire and that's clearly not the case here. Whoever the third alter is, the biggest hint about his existence was staring at us in the face(s) all along: the part of the credit sequence where Oscar Isaac literally has three faces. 

Kinda like a fancy anime figure. 

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Top image: Marvel Studios 

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