For an overall pretty zany show with what some call the worst TV doctor of all time, critics have actually called Scrubs one of the more realistic medical shows of all time.

And storyline continuity is tough enough in movies, so over a comedy show’s nine-season run, they were bound to have a sweet idea that is completely contradicted by a previous episode. It’s completely forgivable once or twice, or 15 times.

Ted’s baldness.

Ted from Scrubs

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Eighth grade, Ted. Really?

In season 4, episode 19, “My Best Laid Plans”, Ted claims he lost his hair in 8th grade, so he was able to help his junior high girlfriend’s friend rent a car.

But in Season 1, Episode 8 “My Fifteen Minutes" Ted says that when he started as the hospitals legal counsel he still had his hair.

She could’ve lived.

Mrs. Tanner

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In season 1, episode 4, “My Old Lady”, Dr. Kelso tells J.D to keep Mrs. Tanner on dialysis, and not put her on the transplant list, because she doesn't have insurance.

In the U.S., all patients who have kidney failure and are on dialysis are eligible for Medicare, which also pays for a kidney transplant.

Mrs. Tanner doesn’t want the dialysis and is ready to say goodbye, but still…

Dipping out of an exam real quick.

Drew & Lucy

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In season 9, episode 10, “Our True Lies”, Drew and Lucy leave the exam and Drew even admits that he makes a phone call. This is against exam policies across the board, and enough for him to get a zero on the exam.

A college professor says, “During an exam, unless you have projectile vomiting, you are NEVER allowed to leave the room (especially all the members of the same study group!!).”

They did not need to wait for a transplant.

Dr. Cox

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In season 5, episode 20, “My Lunch”, one of Dr. Cox’ patients needs a heart valve transplanted. Heart valves don't have to be transplanted from another person. They can be replaced by a metal valve, or the surgeon can create a new valve from a different part of the patient's body.

There was no reason to wait for a donor valve when they had other options available.

Mistakes the gamers noticed.

Turk Gaming

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The season 7 episode, "My Hard Labor" sees Turk desperately attempt to finish a video game, and Carla references the game as being Halo, but it was Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (which was not even released at the time).

An even bigger error is that it takes two people to play the game, but the shot doesn’t show a split-screen, and Carla even completes it solo.

A tale of two Chiefs.

Dr. Kelso

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Okay, I’m back now.

At the end of season 7, Dr. Cox becomes the Chief of Medicine, but in the season finale (the very next episode), "My Princess", Bob Kelso is back as Chief of Medicine.

This plot hole/continuity error is due to the writer's strike at the time, which made creator Bill Lawrence rearrange the episodes, and not fully getting to finish the season.

Turk’s hugging.

Turk hugging J.D

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He clearly has a hugging issue.

In season 5, episode 21, “My Fallen Idol", a key plot point is that Turk has a hard time hugging guys.

In the season 3’s “My American Girl" Turk openly gives another surgeon a hug, and when Turk got back from his honeymoon with Carla, the first thing he did was run circles around the hospital so that he could hug his best friend.

Before they became doctors, Turk wouldn’t hug J.D, so he flips flops on his hug-ability.

J.D needs medical attention.

J.D & Turk

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There’s usin’ the old noggin.

When J.D. and Turk play basketball, the ball knocks J.D. unconscious. Instead of being concerned with J.D.’s head injury, Turk decides to lay down next to him.

Any actual doctor would know that J.D. needed medical attention. Especially when they were right outside of a hospital.

J.D’s athleticism.

J.D and sports

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One of J.D’s biggest character trait is a complete lack of knowledge about sports.

But in season 1, J.D makes multiple sports references, and even explains baseball to Elliot. He mentions that he went to batting cages as a kid, as well as being a gymnast.

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