'World Of Tanks' Creative Director Doesn't Get Why Real War Is Bad

'World Of Tanks' Creative Director Doesn't Get Why Real War Is Bad

As previously noted, video game depictions of war are great fun for as long as you live in a country unaffected by war, or in one that straight-up profits off of it. However, things get iffier when conflicts become so large that we can no longer try to convince ourselves that war is something that only exists in video games. Coming to terms with reality is complicated for consumers, which is understandable, but also for the developers of this type of game. Sergey Burkatovskiy, the creative director of the smash hit World Of Tanks showed he's probably the most confused person in the entire world right now as he's just recently voiced his support for the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine. Call us crazy, but we don't think the game's title should be taken as aspirational:

There's a slight problem with his reasoning, which is how despite World of Tanks being owned by a Belarusian company, at least 550 of its devs are Ukrainian, and the likely loss of their livelihoods and the possible loss of their lives wouldn't help the further development of the game. Or maybe I'm the dumb one and that all perfectly tracks with the mindset of everyone wanting a war that will be, at the very best, devastating only for everyone in Europe. Luckily, most game development companies disagree with this man.

Burkatovskiy has a public Facebook profile where he's been openly posting an unhealthy amount of Stalin picks (that's anything over zero), some weirdly lewd ones we won't show here, and even the kind of photos no one who's ever experienced actual war would post with a smile on their faces.

His bosses were quick to fire him for his warmongering tendencies and to announce they'll donate the respectable sum of $1 million dollars to the Ukrainian Red Cross, a welcome surprise when considering it came from a company with this name:


and this slogan

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