David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Now Has Its Own Weird Holiday

Damn fine fake pop-culture holiday.
David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Now Has Its Own Weird Holiday

In case you couldn’t already tell by all the Twin Peaks Day decorations around town, or the Twin Peaks Day carols on the radio, or the cartons of Black Lodge Nog on the shelves of your local grocery store, it’s Twin Peaks Day, the annual celebration of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s beloved TV series. Why today? Well, February 24th happens to be when the FBI’s Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, first journeyed to the town of Twin Peaks – thankfully, even though it was 1990, Cooper didn’t ruin the moment by blasting Milli Vanilli through the car stereo.

This isn’t just some fly-by-night holiday being celebrated only by a dozen fans in an airport Ramada conference room; it’s been a thing for years and was even recognized by the Mayor of Snoqualmie, Washington, where much of the show was filmed.

Judging from past years, this day is usually marked by MacLachlan making celebratory TikTok videos and by fans taking the opportunity to tour some of Twin Peaks’ filming locations, including the iconic diner and a whole lot of woodlands. 

And sure we’ve criticized these types of pop-culture-based faux-holidays in the past; we already have Star Wars Day, Star Trek Day, Alien Day, and at this rate we’ll probably even get Speed 2: Cruise Control Day. But you know what, we’ve changed our minds. Let people enjoy themselves. If fans want to spend the day eating cherry pie, drinking way too much coffee, and scouring bodies of water for corpses, they should do just that. After all, we just had President’s Day – and who doesn’t like their favorite TV show more than any U.S. President? 

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