If You're Gonna NFT, At Least Look Good While Doing It

If You're Gonna NFT, At Least Look Good While Doing It

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If you've gotten into the NFT craze, you know the intoxicating feeling you get when you show your pixelated ape to someone and they try to take a photo of it and you slap their phone out of their hand and say, "Even if you did take a picture, that one is MINE!" What a rush. Wouldn't you like to have that feeling all the time at home? With the TBLTP Tokenframe(TM) NFT Display, you can.

This digital display is basically a picture frame except it acts as a home for your digital art. One display lets you create your own NFT gallery by simply plugging it in, scanning the QR code to connect, accessing your wallet, and casting your NFTs. The Tokenframe acts as integrations with Metamask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnect to make controlling the fill/fit, border color and width, and more for your gallery with ease, and you can connect multiple Tokenframes throughout your home and set up a complete NFT gallery if you're feeling wacky.

Every Tokenframe NFT display is a work of art in itself. They're made of real wood with non-fungible woodgrain and outfitted with custom, anti-glare screens specially designed for digital art. With 1080p resolution, all your NFTs will come across sharp, detailed, and beautiful. You can even plug into the headphone jacks or use the integrated stereo speakers to add a soundtrack. Want to schedule your NFTs to only show up when you're at home? You can do that. You can even set up a customizable slideshow for your complete collection. Hey, it's better than vacation photos.

Why settle for having your NFTs on a device when you can have them on your walls? You can get a TBLTP Tokenframe(TM) NFT Display in a variety of sizes today.

Prices are subject to change.

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