'Battlefield 2042' Is An Unplayable Mess, Riddled With Flying Hovercrafts

'Battlefield 2042' Is An Unplayable Mess, Riddled With Flying Hovercrafts

After the disappointing release of Cyberpunk 2077, fans quickly shifted their attention towards Battlefield 2042, the other big release that featured a 20XX on the title to tease some incredibly futuristic gameplay. It was not meant to be, as the latest Battlefield also came out in a broken and battered state, with players currently running a change.org petition asking for a full refund. Normally, there are more change.org petitions than there are votes, but this one already counts nearly 200,000 signatures, making it one of the biggest active petitions on the platform. But is the game really all that broken, or is it just that we're yet to understand the marvels that the future will bestow upon us?

While Cyberpunk 2077's glitches make it socially abhorrent – penises that are too punk to stay inside their pants and wheelchair-bound people who get cured via physical abuseBattlefield 2042's glitches make it technologically egregious. We've previously shown many of the character model-related glitches in the series, and worry not, those are still present, but this time we'd like to focus on 2042's incredible vehicles. Nothing better than the sequence of clips below to show just how crazy incredible Hovercraft tech has become in 2042. We first learn that the Hovercrafts of 2042 will be able to drive on walls.

driving hovercraft on the side of a building


But also to fly …

hovercraft flying


… and even to challenge Helicopters and Jets over the ownership of the skies.

hovercraft crashing into helicopter


"Nothing wrong with this." - Elon Musk

You can even play Spider-Man from building to building.

Though we'd be unfair if we were to ignore the severe improvements that the future will bring to planes as well. Here's professional Streamer Shroud going against a building at full speed only to see his plane bouncing back.

Indestructible plane


And while it's really cool to know that the planes of the future will be 100% 9/11 proofed, this brings about new problems, like jets that can somehow fly under the map.

Jet going under the map


This is how UFOs do it.

The most damaging part of this glitch is how it makes the game look more beautiful than it does when everything is going as intended.

Oh, and what about the Penguins of the future, you ask, as one normally does. Well, you can now use the game's vehicle fixing tool on them -- even when they're perfectly healthy functioning properly.

Fixing a penguin


Though this one is easy to write off as an Easter egg left by a penguin-hating developer.

We're still waiting for a petition to tell EA that penguins are perfect just the way they are.

Top Image: EA

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