The New 'Harry Potter' Game Is Littered With Unintentional O-Face

The New 'Harry Potter' Game Is Littered With Unintentional O-Face

It seems like there's no Patronus for Harry Potter games. Not too long ago, the helmer of Hogwarts Legacy, an online version of the witchcraft and wizardry school was outed for his previous job as a hate-spewing dumbass on YouTube, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a mobile game, was outed for having NPCs choking kids' avatars for their money. We're sad to inform you that we have yet another terrible stain for J.K. Rowling's resume – the weirdest one yet.

Are you familiar with the term ahegao? Our very recent investigation (because we are only the purest of hearts) found out that “ahegao” is the name of a type of exaggerated facial expression you'd see a character in a Hentai or sex video game making while having an orgasm. If you ever see an anime character rolling back/crossing their eyes while opening their mouths and sticking their tongue out, then congrats, you've witnessed an ahegao.

Kira I/Wiki Commons

Your girlfriend isn't really orgasming if she doesn't do this every time. Yes, down to the hearts in her eyes.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (yes, that's a different game from the ones mentioned above), a mobile RPG hit that you can only still play in Asia, features characters that make the ahegao face. Instead of getting the game in a lot of hot dreams, however, the feature got it in hot water in China, as the orgasming characters are supposedly underage. 

In a twist worthy of a magical world, the devs revealed that it's not intentional, but rather a glitch that causes the characters' tongues to clip through their mouth when they suffer magic damage, something that in turn makes it look like they're enjoying some magical BDSM-induced orgasm. To make matters weirder, it turns out that the glitch only affects female characters.

Which is par for the course on the franchise's commitment to messing up gender-related stuff.

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