'EVE Online' Gamers Rise Up (To Unionize) Once Again

Seize the means of playduction, comrades.
'EVE Online' Gamers Rise Up (To Unionize) Once Again

EVE Online has been a surprisingly ever rich mine of great comedy space-gold ever since it came out. That's cool, but the fact that this is a Machiavelli simulator under the guise of a space sim leaves it kind of lacking in the "good guys winning" department. Yeah, no matter how much work the devs put into making videos that promote your player base as figuratively and literally stellar ...

... we have a much easier time believing the fan-edit where every EVE player seems to be suffering from an acute case of bedroom space dementia.

One of the few historical examples was that time when players rose up against the developers who wanted to make the game a micro-transaction nightmare. That was 10 years ago. In 2021, the year when everyone in power seemingly admitted they don't care for running a sustainable economy, we've finally witnessed EVE gamers using the scheming knowledge they've acquired in the game to do good once again

The revolution seems to have started as a backlash to a new update called "New Dawn," and not because the concept of "dawn" makes absolutely no sense in space. While the devs claimed this new update would make the universe great again or something, the news wasn't widely appreciated by players, who saw the changes as yet another step towards inflating scarcity that could only get solved through some space-rioting.

The protests consisted of getting thousands of players together in the game's primary trade hub, then shooting the hell out of an indestructible monument (the same one targeted by the original riots) with whatever ammo they had (yes, even fireworks). The decision to attack an indestructible monument was not because they didn't want to cause damage, but because shooting at it together caused damage not to it but to the entire server through a huge lag spike that locked out the entire system.

EVE Online - 'EVE Online' Gamers Rise Up (To Unionize) Once Again

CCP Games

“Violence solves everything” - Spock, or whatever

After a mere weekend in, the game's devs backed the hell out of whatever weird policies they wanted to impose and swiftly addressed the players' concerns. Seize the means of playduction, comrades.

Top Image: CCP Games

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