'Golden Girls' Fan Con - The Only Con That Matters

It’s pretty strange the iconic ‘80s sitcom has never had a fan convention until now.
'Golden Girls' Fan Con - The Only Con That Matters

Scheduled to grace fans of the four ladies who were 2019’s hottest Halloween costume, the first-ever “Golden Con: Thank You for Being a Fan” will be held in Chicago in April 2022 and, according to the Con’s site, will feature everything from theater shows to trivia competitions to a pop-up Rusty Anchor bar. You know what that means, GG fans. Time to brush up on those oldies.

While there’s no word yet on whether our last living OG GG Betty White will be making an appearance, the hosts of the event did say there’ll be cameos of guest stars and producers — all of them hopefully dressed in flowy patterns and prints. Or whatever would’ve pleased Blanche.

As some have pointed out, it’s actually quite strange the iconic ‘80s sitcom — that found new love amongst younger millennials and Gen Z in the last decade —has never had a Fan Convention before. Nevertheless, the first one sounds like it’ll be one big blast filled with a “Mother of a Solid Gold Dancer” disco party, a vendors market with all kinds of fan things, and a parody show called Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes.

The only thing we can think of adding to it all is a Golden Girls parade with a giant float in the shape of a rose to carry Betty White while she eats some of that Scandinavian cake.

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Top Image: Touchstone Television

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