When Sonic The Hedgehog Ruined A Thanksgiving Tradition

The day would end up marred in tragedy as Sega’s mascot ended up ruining a Thanksgiving tradition.
When Sonic The Hedgehog Ruined A Thanksgiving Tradition

For a while during the ‘90s, Sonic The Hedgehog managed to carry the Sega Genesis past Nintendo to the top spot in the console wars. That weird corporate creation's heroic actions earned him the nation’s highest honor – that of having his own edgy hedgehog floater in ‘93s Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. The day would end up marred in tragedy, however, as Sega’s mascot ended up deflating in the middle of the parade after getting stabbed through the eye by a lamp post (it’s less graphic than we’re making it look like). That’s pretty weird by itself, but what’s weirdest is that Sonic’s version of the Zapruder film has been kept from the public for years.

Over 20 years later, with Sonic’s series in the gutter, Thanksgiving's secret services have finally disclosed a video of the entire thing. It's funny and scary, two words which combined mean very funny (unless you're the kid or the cop who got a bit injured by the incident).

In the video, you can even see Rudy Giuliani talking right before it happens. 

All this because Macy's couldn't afford to give Sonic one damn ring

The best part is that Sonic's demise isn’t even the weirdest-looking in Thanksgiving day floater-related incidents. Just four years later, all attendees got to see Barney the dinosaur getting stabbed to deflation by multiple cops. And since Barney was never in any popular game, you can see it as well.

Hell yeah, now this is the kind of police violence we can get behind.

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