'Home Sweet Home Alone' Is Disney’s Newest Rebootquel

'Home Sweet Home Alone' Is Disney’s Newest Rebootquel

Home Sweet Home Alone is the latest film in the Home Alone series, and it's coming to a Disney+ near you next month. The film, like the original, follows the misadventures of a young child being left behind because of ... reasons. He's then forced to defend his home because both the police and all adults in his town are murderously negligent. But don't worry, this new film includes 2020s-era updates like the parents going to Japan instead of a boring place and not doing a headcount because that's only something idiots do, you stupid parents from the first film.

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You don't even know what Facebook is; you disgust me

The new kid has an accent, it's less snowy (probably because of Global Warming), and these villains are more affably evil and joke about prison violence.

Because what's funner for the whole family than the inadequate way we deal with harm in the world?

Of course, there's a familiar face in the film ... that of one Buzz McAllister, aka the big dumb idiot with a tarantula from the first movie. Arguably the one who sets off the plot by mocking poor Kevin so much that he makes a wish that his family goes away ... which might actually be magic?

While we hope the new film will finally answer whether Kevin or other children in the HACU have the ability to make holiday-based monkey's paw wishes, Culkin has also recently denied appearing in the film …

… which is because he's not in it.

But on the off chance that Disney has decided spoilers are forbidden, and his role is so large that admitting he's in it at all would spoil it, let us state that we are totally on board.

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You’ve entered a larger world, Max; you just don’t know it yet 

Who doesn't want to see Max team up with an old Kevin McAllister to spread Christmas concussions to those in greed? They could even get the Dial Code Santa Claus kid in there! Who doesn't want that? "Most people?" Shut up. Well, we'll find out in a month.

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