Make Your October Movie Marathons Absolutely Terrifying with These Projectors

Make movie magic and stain all your good patio furniture.
Make Your October Movie Marathons Absolutely Terrifying with These Projectors

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The best way to upgrade scary movie night is obviously to hire a serial killer to chase your friends around and really bring the terror to life, but the second-best way is to watch outside in the cool fall weather on a projector screen so large that it merely looks like you're about to get stabbed. We've rounded up a bunch of projectors that are on sale to help you make movie magic and stain all your good patio furniture.

Portable HD Mini Projector, $79.95 (reg. $149)

Bring the viewing party with you anywhere with this mini projector that goes up to 80" at 1080p HD resolution with multiple ports and a high-performance LED light that's rated for up to 20,000 hours so you can enjoy just about any movie. Or every movie. That's, like, two and a half years of movies.

Ultra HD 1080P Intelligent Home Projector, $79.95 (reg. $199)

Why pay for a TV when you can get this bad boy for less than $100? This projector casts from your phone or connects via Wi-Fi or HDMI cable to stream a wide variety of content to a 200" screen in 1080p HD resolution. It's truly the flattest flat screen.

KODAK FLIK X7 Home Projector, $89.99

If you must have only the finest brand names in image projection, this KODAK HD projector streams videos from your smartphone, laptop, or TV. Since it's designed for images, it also comes with a tripod, but no one can stop you from using it to stream as well. Come at us, Mr. KODAK.

1080p Mini Full HD LCD Projector, $101.95 (reg. $149)

For those cozy, terrifying nights in, this compact projector projects onto a screen up to 120" and offers a rich interface to suit all of your information source needs. Plus, it has audio onboard!

Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector, $199 (reg. $799) with promo code PRIMA

Don't be fooled by its size -- this remarkable projector could pass for an iPhone, but it casts a 200" cinema-quality image onto any surface thanks to its 200-lumen bulb. That's four times the brightness of other portable projectors. You can access the Google Play Store, download apps, or stream directly from Prima.

60,000 Lumen Mini Wi-Fi Multi-Port Projector, $199.95 (reg. $299)

This mini projector displays images and videos at up to 150" in full 1080p HD resolution and comes with its own built-in speaker, making it perfect for anyone who doesn't want to fuss with a bunch of cords, which is everyone? Right? Any tangle fetishists in the house?

KODAK Luma 450 Portable Full HD Smart Projector, $549.99

If those flimsy little baby projectors are too weak for you, the KODAK Luma 450 comes with Android OS that supports apps, screen mirroring, and much more to give you even further flexibility in what you can play. It instantly streams content in Full HD onto a screen that expands up to 170". Also, just look at it. It's both intimidating and vaguely erotic, which is what we all want in a projector.

WeMax Dice Portable Smart Projector, $599 (reg. $699) with promo code WEMAX

Rated 4.6 stars on Amazon, this little guy looks like a goth air purifier but supports 1080p Full HD projection, instant focus, and 40-degree keystone correction to provide crystal clear visuals at any angle. It also has an enhanced full-color display with four-channel RGB LED color spectrum, providing superior color contrast whether you're watching Cars or Halloween. Just don't confuse them. It would be all too easy without that sweet contrast, we know.

Prices are subject to change.

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