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At a certain point, some things become so aggressively nerdy, they're actually cool. As such, let us introduce you to a new friend. Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber is the nerdiest, most badass thing we've ever seen. This is what you get when you're a Star Wars-loving adult but not one of those dorks playing with cheap plastic light-up sabers in line for the latest midnight premier that, to be fair, you are also in.

There may not be any droids or evil emperors to destroy in your basement, but if they ever do come around, you'll be ready because Cyber Blade is built to withstand a whole lot more damage than you'd expect. The handle projects 11 different light colors with the push of a button and comes with a detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready blade. It also produces cool sound effects like "switch," "standby," "swing," "beat," and more. No more verbal whooshing and clanging for you! The aerospace-grade aluminum hilt is precision milled using a CNC machine to create an ergonomic, comfortable grip that really emulates the actual lightsabers you see in the movies so you can feel all Qui-Gon Jinn while people are coming over for cocktails. You could also just store it in your memorabilia case, looking sweet and drawing envious looks from all comers. The world is your space oyster.

It's not nerdy anymore to be over-the-top nerdy -- it's cool. So grab the Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber while it's 27% off $199 at just $144.95. Get it in white, green, blue, gunmetal, or gold for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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