'I Am Legend' Screenwriter Forced To Remind Ding-Dongs It's A Movie


Over the past year, our current pandemic-fueled predicament has been compared to several films, including Contagion, 28 Days Later, and Idiocracy, a testament to just how off-the-rails our reality has become. Yet despite the insistence of several anti-vaxxers and skeptics who say they don't believe in Covid-19 (many of whom have changed their tune after landing themselves in the ICU), there is one movie that should stay far away from these discussions – the 2007 thriller, I Am Legend, at least according to screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. 

Centering around a Will Smith-portrayed lone survivor of a man-made viral apocalypse, anti-vaxxers have clung to the film in an attempt to justify their decision to evade the jab despite the fact that vaccines did not create the film's vampire/zombifying virus, telling the world that they're a dingbat who hasn't seen I Am Legend without telling the world that they're a dingbat who hasn't seen I Am Legend

One employee said she was concerned because she thought a vaccine had caused the characters in the film ‘I Am Legend’ to turn into zombies,” New York Times reporter Nicole Hong wrote in a recent article detailing an NYC-based business's attempt to get all of their workers vaxxed. “People opposed to vaccines have circulated that claim about the movie’s plot widely on social media. But the plague that turned people into zombies in the movie was caused by a genetically reprogrammed virus, not by a vaccine.”

After that passage garnered traction on Twitter, the writer eventually chimed in with a friendly reminder for fans of the flick. “Oh. My. God. It’s a movie,” Goldsman wrote, the exasperation seeping through his passive-aggressive punctuation. “I made that up. It’s. Not. Real.”

So folks, if the vampire/zombies weren't enough of an indicator, the Will Smith flick is entirely fictional.

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