Ding-Dong Central Shoehorns The Free Britney Movement Into Their Nonsense

The #FreeBritney movement has a whole host of wacky new "supporters."
Ding-Dong Central Shoehorns The Free Britney Movement Into Their Nonsense

Despite having their baseless conspiracy debunked on numerous occasions, spending months fruitlessly waiting for former President Donald Trump to be reinstated as leader of the free world, and witnessing the hentai-fueled demise of free-speech social media platform, GETTR, it seems QAnon is at it again, this time, glomming on to the #FreeBritney movement in an evident attempt to revitalize their increasingly obscure cause. 

On Wednesday, prominent ding-dong influencer Liz Crokin took to Telegram, the one social platform that has yet to ban the conspiracy group's nonsense, with a particularly bold assertion: The pop star is a victim of Hollywood sex trafficking directly linked to Pizzagate, launching a new channel entitled Free Britney  “to encourage a citizen investigation into the trafficking of Britney Spears."

“The media has failed to do real investigation journalism into the many crimes & human rights abuses committed against Britney,” wrote Crokin, an ex-gossip columnist, conveniently ignoring the several documentaries surrounding Spears's legal woes and how the star's gut-wrenching conservatorship testimony last month dominated headlines for days. “Her fans were the ones who did the real work exposing the truth & they’re dealing with censorship on Big Tech & other malicious tactics in an attempt to intimidate & silence them.”

Shortly after, Crokin went further, claiming that the artist's struggles directly tie in with the discredited conspiracy movement's bogus ideology in a post shared to the new channel. “Britney Spears is a trafficking victim, period," wrote Crokin, who is one of QAnon's “biggest and earliest” influencers, according to Vice News. “My work has primarily focused on exposing trafficking specifically in Hollywood for literally the past 5 years. The situation with Britney ties directly to Pizzagate, and the exposure of what happened to her can potentially lead to the bigger exposure of the epidemic of trafficking of stars in Hollywood, the rampant pedophilia, Project Monarch & so so much more.”

Crokin's attempt to shoehorn the #FreeBritney movement into QAnon's ideology is far from the first time the influencer has implicated celebrities in the group's disproven dogma. As Vice noted, the QAnon social media star has baselessly accused several prominent figures of being complicit in the conspiracy, including Lil Nas X, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, John Legend, and Chrissy Tiegen.

However, it seems the notoriously gullible believers in QAnon are seemingly torn on Crokin's latest assertion. “I’ve gotten some comments from people — including people who claim they’ve followed me for years — telling me it’s ‘ridiculous’ or ‘not important’ for me to cover the Britney Spears situation as it’s not relevant, important or it’s simply a distraction from other events going on right now,” she wrote in the same post. Yet other community members are on board, doubling down on Crokin's baseless notions.

“Britney was victim to the Hollywood pedophile class,” one user replied. “They don't want to investigate because it'll open up the whole damned evil system to the world.”

“I hope that her coming forward will break open the pandora’s box of evil once and for all to provide justice for all who are caught up in this satanic cult," added another. 

So although Spears may be grappling with a real and terrible legal situation, in which the star says she was forced to work against her will, forbidden from removing her IUD, and even required to take medication that made her feel “drunk” against her will, let's keep ding-dong central's fantasies far far away from the singer's reality. 

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