The Pledge of Allegiance is a Scam to Sell American Flags (VIDEO)

It was the Gamestonk of 1880.
The Pledge of Allegiance is a Scam to Sell American Flags (VIDEO)

United Statesians patriotically recite the Pledge of Allegiance to kick off a school day, city council meeting, or bachelorette party. But even though its all-American 19th century origin at “The Youth’s Companion” nobly sought to rally children and new immigrants alike behind the stars and bars, there was another sinister motive lurking beneath that indivisible chant: cold hard cash.

Writers: Ryan Menezes, Greg Ott
Producer: Greg Ott
Editor: David Brown

James B. Upham: Greg Ott
Dr. Fake Historian, PhD: Shann Hurst
Betsy Ross: Kristi Forsch
Christopher Columbus: Jesse Eisemann
Francis Bellamy: Bryan Slack

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