4 Fun Movie Easter Eggs That Imply Death And Chaos (VIDEO)

4 Fun Movie Easter Eggs That Imply Death And Chaos (VIDEO)

Easter eggs, by definition, are fun little extras. Never does an Easter egg shatter your hold on reality, make you question the fundamentals of your existence, or send you reeling with existential horror... until TODAY. Dr. Jordan Breeding and Your Brain On Cracked return to analyze how Star Wars, Waldo, Kevin McCallister, Pokemon, Mel Gibson, and WALL-E are all tied together in a grand tale about the destruction of the universe... or something.

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Czar Of Audio-Visual Activities: Dave Brown
Editors: Jordan Breeding, Dave Brown

Based on Jordan's article: https://www.cracked.com/article_24822_6-fun-easter-eggs-with-terrifying-implications.html

Check out Jordan's other work or connect on Twitter.  Catch up with Dave Brown on Instagram. Star Wars entry originally written by Mike Bedard who has a Twitter.

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