4 Scarlet Witch Storylines Too Disturbing For WandaVision

4 Scarlet Witch Storylines Too Disturbing For WandaVision

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WandaVision is easily the most popular show streaming right now about a scarlet witch of vaguely defined powers living inside a vintage sitcom with her dead husband, an android named Vision who used to be Robert Downey Jr.'s robo-butler named JARVIS. Second on to The Crown, probably. We don't know, we haven't seen it. But the weird thing is, everything we just described is actually an extremely simplified version of Scarlet Witch's comic book adventures. If you think the show is perplexing, your head might explode upon learning that if you dig deep into the comics' canon... it's pretty messed up. So let's go ahead and do that. This is CanonBall.

Based on the article 5 Real-But-Bananas Plots You Won't See On Wandavision.

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