The 'Mortal Kombat' Movie's New Trailer is A '90s Dream Come True

The 'Mortal Kombat' Movie's New Trailer is A '90s Dream Come True

Bad news for uptight '90s moms who reprimanded their kids for playing violent video games -- the beloved, hyper-gory fighting video game, Mortal Kombat, is back, and bringing its certified badassery to the big screen. On Thursday, the red band trailer for the upcoming film dropped, proving the series' long-anticipated reboot is just as bloody as its 1992 debut. Centered around the "birth of Scorpion," as Director Simon McQuoid told Entertainment Weekly, the trailer has it all. Exploding arms. Frozen blood used as a shank. Eyeball lasers. Fireballs. If you can think of a cheesy 90's video game boss move, it is likely included in the two-minute and 30-second trailer, a notion indicative of the film's showcase of several iconic fatalities. 

"There are some crazy fatalities," Lewis Tan, who plays a new character by the name of Cole Young told video game publication, IGN. "We've picked a couple of iconic ones. There's a lot of really cool signature moves that you'll see, a lot of Easter eggs that we snuck into the film, but there are some really badass fatalities that I can't wait to see on the big screen. They're brutal, man. They, they don't hold back." Considering the trailer alone contained enough fake blood to reenact that elevator scene from The Shining, Tan's assessment is pretty spot on. 

One of the many signature moves included in the film, of course, is Scorpion's go-to battle pick,  in which he essentially shanks his opponent with a hooked weapon while screaming some variation of "come here!" or "get over here!" 

For Hiroyuki Sanada, who stars as the famed undead ninja in the upcoming flick although he "never played a game before," practicing the move helped the actor truly grasp the importance of the role he was bringing to life."When I performed that signature move with the words in the rehearsal on set for the first time, I had a great reaction from the cast and crew," Sanada told the publication. "They said, 'Yeah! I've waited for this moment.' Then I realized how popular this move is."

Popular is right. In the few hours since the trailer went live on Thursday morning, it has already racked up more than a million views on YouTube, and 3.1 million on Twitter, as fans of the fighting game flocked to Twitter to share their excitement for the movie, which is set to come out on April 16.

... pointing out the sheer badassery of the stunts ...

... noting how the trailer's gore won them over ...

 ... and even commenting on how the trailer seems to have united the internet together for a few fleeting moments. 

So folks, remember, even in our incredibly divided society, nothing brings people together quite like some gory trailers and a series of kick-ass moves. Friendship?

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