'Justice League: Snyder Cut' Has A Dumb ($130) Food Tie-In

'Justice League: Snyder Cut' Has A Dumb ($130) Food Tie-In

Since most major studio blockbusters have been delayed, we've mostly been spared the usual Hollywood trend of packaging big-budget movies with baffling food tie-ins -- and sadly, Tenet opted not to partner with Denny's for a malS dnarG meal that's just an empty plate you regurgitate pancakes and bacon onto. There is one big new release coming up soon, although by "new," we mean four years old. Yes, the much-ballyhooed "Snyder Cut" of 2017's Justice League is hitting HBO Max next month, as evidenced by this trailer set to the sound of both Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and Leonard Cohen spinning in his grave.

To celebrate the release, you can now pre-order an actual "Mother Box" like in the movie -- but unlike the one in the movie, this one isn't some kind of magical cosmic artifact full of energy, but just a regular box full of wildly assorted foods. Each food item is themed around a character; a Big Belly Burger for The Flash, a chocolate Batarang for Batman, Icelandic "cod and chips" for Aquaman, and um, "smoked marshmallows" for Wonder Woman? Really, would some "golden lasso spaghetti" have killed you?

Drinks include some kind of Cyborg-themed energy drink and beer made by a fake brewery from the Arkham Asylum games. If you want this box full of mostly fictional food items, it won't actually ship until the spring, well past the Snyder Cut's release. Also, this thing ain't cheap, while it feeds two people, the Mother Box costs $130. Which is a lot of money, but when it comes to pop-culture-branded food items, we're guessing anyone who willingly ingested the Dilbert-themed microwave burrito ended up paying a much higher price.

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