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Socrates said "The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing," but he didn't have the Internet. There's frankly no excuse in the modern age not to be an insufferable know-it-all, so we've rounded up some of the bestselling online courses of the year and made them all available for an extra 20% off. Just use the code HOLIDAY20 at checkout, and get ready to kick that Greek philosopher's mind-butt.

The 2021 Master Your Finances Bundle, $15.99 (reg. $1,194) with promo code HOLIDAY20

There's no shame in admitting that you somehow have negative money even though you deal exclusively in cash. This bundle will help you figure it out. Step one: Get a bank account, for God's sake.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Animation Bundle, $19.99 (reg. $549) with promo code HOLIDAY20

This beginner-friendly guide will introduce you to Adobe tools like Illustrator, After Effects, and more. Hey, maybe you can animate some friends for yourself! Just kidding. You're doing great, champ.

The Complete Learn to Paint Bundle, $23.20 (reg. $119) with promo code HOLIDAY20

If you like the finer things in life, use this course to learn how to paint like the masters. It's way cheaper than buying art.

The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle, $23.20 (reg. $1,601) with promo code HOLIDAY20

Playing guitar is cool, but learning it from a frizzy-haired, chain-smoking, bespectacled pair of chinos who only lets you play Buffalo Springfield isn't, so just learn online.

The Complete Ableton Live 10 Music Production Bundle, $23.99 (reg. $1,194) with promo code HOLIDAY20

Ableton Live 10 is one of the top digital audio workstations on the market. Rave on, dude.

The 2021 Excel to Alteryx Data Analyst Essentials Bundle, $23.99 (reg. $348) with promo code HOLIDAY20

Data is pretty crucial to how everything runs these days. No matter what industry you work in, being able to analyze data is a skill that will let you vault ahead of that goody-two-shoes Rocco. That bastard.

The 2021 Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle, $25.59 (reg. $2,988) with promo code HOLIDAY20

This one is for all those actual grown-ups working in things like business and such. Six Sigma is one of the top project management methodologies on earth, and this massive bundle will help you get certified and get ahead at the business factory or whatever.

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners, $31.99 (reg. $1,172) with promo code HOLIDAY20

This 56-hour bundle is taught by actual artists, showing you the techniques they learned in art school so you can learn how to draw like a real person instead of "possibly a human polygraph," as your Pictionary partners have told us behind your back.

The 2021 Complete Learn to Master Photography & Editing Bundle, $31.99 (reg. $2,985) with promo code HOLIDAY20

Learning how to take great photos is one thing. Learning how to edit photos is another thing. So you get two things!

The Complete Mind Hacks Bundle, $31.99 (reg. $2,985) with promo code HOLIDAY20

Improve your memory, concentration, retention, and more with this bundle. Just promise us you won't use your powers for evil.

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