Wait ... Is Ron Howard George Michael's Grandfather In 'Arrested Development'?

Here's a story about a very messed up family that's even more messed up than they let on.
Wait ... Is Ron Howard George Michael's Grandfather In 'Arrested Development'?

Arrested Development is known for its 5-dimensional chess levels of foreshadowing. Take the many, many subtle references to Buster losing his hand before he ever loses his hand:

Arrested Development is also known for its incestuous relationships. Take, well, this:

And this:

And, dear god, this:

So put all this incest and foreshadowing together, and you've got yourself two things: 1) A hefty therapy bill for the writers of Arrested Development, 2) The makings of what should be a pretty far out fan theory having a pretty decent chance of actually being legitimate. The fan theory in question, first brought to our attention by Redditor RobRockly, is that the show's narrator, Ron Howard, is George Michael's grandfather.

How is this possible? Because it is speculated that Michael Bluth's first wife, Tracey, is actually the illegitimate daughter of (in-universe) Ron Howard. See, (in-universe) Ron Howard actually has quite a few illegitimate children throughout the show. In season 4, episode 6, it is revealed that Bryce Dallas, Paige Carlyle, and Rebel are also illegitimate children of ol' Ron "no condoms no problems" Howard.

Michael continuously remarks how Rebel reminds him of Tracey, even going so far as to say to George Sr., "She's Tracey." Then in season 5, we meet the Howard family, which is entirely made up of redheads. (Like Tracey) Usually, this wouldn't be much to go on, but this is Arrested Development here. They wouldn't bother to drop these hints for a reason, and they especially wouldn't bother to walk us through Rebel's filmography, which includes a Woody Allen film and the American remake of "Les Cousins Dangereux," titled "Almost Cousins."

Again, this is Arrested Development. You don't need a call from 23 and Me to realize that Tracey and Rebel are somehow related. It's likely that Tracey is the illegitimate daughter of Ron Howard, making Rebel and Michael's hookup a sad tryst of a man and his wife's half-sister. So, yeah, the writers need therapy, and whenever the twist is revealed, the viewers will need it too.

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