Just In Time For Halloween, Someone's Selling Half A Christmas Tree

back that rests against the wall and lush foliage upfront to give the appearance of a traditional full tree. READ MORE DETAILED SPECS FREE SHIPPING TO

Ahhh, October. The time of year known for pumpkin carving, apple picking, and buying a sexy mail-in ballot costume to wear to all of your Zoom Halloween parties. 

Hot. Newman would be into it. 

Yet nothing says getting into the spooky season spirit quite like skipping over all of the scary autumnal festivities and heading straight to Christmas ... at least for catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer, and tree shop Balsam Hill, who are among the many Xmastrepreneurs now selling half Christmas trees. Yep, you read that right. Too lazy to buy and (ugh!) decorate an entire evergreen tree? Well, for the low, low price range of $249.95 to $499, a half Christmas tree could be yours!

It's the gap between the Christmas tree and the wall for me. 

"Experience the elegance of a full tree for half the space," reads the description, next to a photo of a trimmed tree placed, erm, not so flush against a decoratively trimmed wall. "Designed for smaller spaces such as apartments and hallways, this gorgeous artificial Christmas tree features a flat back that rests against the wall and lush foliage upfront to give the appearance of a traditional full tree." Is it even truly Samhain if you don't have your hallway half-Christmas tree up and ready to go?

According to some of the reviews, these claims are actually pretty spot on -- these trees are perfect for those looking forward to decking the halls, but like, only half of the halls. 

"It takes half the time to get it up and ready. I'm really happy with it," wrote one reviewer. "This tree is perfect -- it nice and bushy, and as it's half a tree, it goes up to the wall so looks great without sticking out too far." All the Christmas spirit in half the time. Nice!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to pumpkin carving and planning my Belle Delphine Halloween costume -- in this household, we enjoy the spooky season to its frightful fullest, as everybody who is not a maniac knows Christmas doesn't actually start until at least after Thanksgiving.

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