Travis Scott Burger Opens The Door To So Many Possibilities

Travis Scott Burger Opens The Door To So Many Possibilities

Grammy-award nominated rapper Travis Scott is on top of headlines like an injection of botox into your forehead. For example, he made waves a few months ago for performing a virtual concert in the online video game Fortnite. He also has a child and roller-coaster relationship with the ultra-famous Kylie Jenner. But right now, Scott might be getting more attention than he's ever gotten before, and it's not because of a celebrity relationship or a groundbreaking musical performance. No, the reason he is currently trending on Twitter is that he likes McDonald's. Well, that might be underselling it. Travis Scott likes McDonald's so much that they made his signature order into its very own meal.

It's kind of a wonder that fast-food chains haven't leaned harder into celebrity created meals. Cardi B reportedly loves Chipotle. Perhaps it's time for them to release a WAB (Wet Ass Burrito) under her name? Justin Timberlake went to Taco Bell after winning three "People's Choice Awards." 

We could easily see a campaign focused on him "bringing spicy back" with his favorite booty dropping tacos. Taylor Swift told WebMD of all places about her love of Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes. This one is so on the nose that it's not even worth explaining. The point is, the possibilities are endless. Our only hope is that Dwayne "The Rock ... steady embodiment of fame whom everyone loves" Johnson doesn't announce that he always could smell what BK is cooking, and completely upends the fast-food landscape forever.

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Top Image: McDonald's/ YouTube

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