'Riverdale' Star Was An Undercover Agent Against Sex Trafficking

'Riverdale' Star Was An Undercover Agent Against Sex Trafficking

There's no clear cut path to making a living as an actor in Hollywood. Some get a few lucky breaks, book a feature role, and then ride the fame-train to super-stardom. Others spend their entire lives waiting tables and booking side gigs when they can get them. But even by Hollywood standards, Marisol Nichols' story is unusual. It has been revealed that along with starring in the CW's Riverdale, Marisol Nichols has been moonlighting as an undercover agent in the fight against sex trafficking. No, I don't mean like a plotline on the show. I mean, Marisol Nichols was actually employed by the FBI to hunt down pedophiles.

Again, being an actor by day and sex cop by night (or sex cop by day and actor by night? I'm not really sure the hours of either job) sounds like a premise pulled straight from a TV show, so, of course, Hollywood is turning this into a TV show.

As Deadline reports, the project is in the early stages of development, but will most likely see Nichols take the starring role and serve as executive producer. Nichols is essentially a TV star turned sex cop turned TV-TV star/sex cop. If that's not enough reality hopscotch for you, then consider that Nichols first started working for the FBI after her performances on Law & Order: SVU. So really, she's a TV sex cop turned TV star/sex cop turned TV-TV star/sex cop. 

My head hurts, and it starts to hurt worse when I begin to consider the other side of the equation to Nichols' double life. Riverdale is an adaptation of Archie Comics, which in itself is sort of a riff on other comic book tropes. So is this new TV show going to have a show within the show that is based on Riverdale, which is based on Archie? Are we then going to see Nichols' character pose as "bait" in international sting operations in between scenes of her shooting the shit with Jughead?

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Top Image: The CW

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