Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema's brightly colored hair has become a part of the national discourse; much in the same way that Obama's tan suit dominated the conversation in late 2014. Sinema's hair isn't as much a headliner as Obama's suit, but the cases are similar in how triggering they are to the sensitive snowflakes within the GOP. The difference though is that Sinema seems to be actively trolling.

She claims that it's in an effort to promote social distancing or whatever ...

... sure. Republican political consultant and Gerber baby stand-in Matt Mackowiak was the most recent to take the bait.

For a party that derides the Left's "political correctness," the GOP sure seems to get incensed when a politician doesn't follow their version of correctness. "I'm a free thinker, but oh my golly, her hair is green! She must spend her whole day smoking reefer! Good lord, she has a tattoo? What kind of devil woman is this?"

See, here's the thing, though: Sinema is playing minor league ball. Matt Mackowiak is every much the stuffy goober that his tweets imply. He's easy. You want to troll like a master? Take it from this guy:

Mitch McConnell is wearing a tan suit. Is it because he suddenly forgot about how Fox News and the GOP lambasted Obama for wearing one and then thought it would bring out the beadiness of his eyes? Is he wearing it specifically because Obama got so much shit? And that questioning is exactly what makes it such a masterful troll move. You can't be 100% sure if it's just a suit, or if he's saying, "I'm Mitch McConnell. I can do whatever I want. Sure, call me a hypocrite. Feed me more."

We wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow McConnell showed up wearing a mint green wig. Then fools like Mackowiak would tell him how pretty he looks. Sorry Kyrsten Sinema, but if you want to take down Darth Vader, then you've still got more training to do.

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