Oooh, 'Gamer Girl' Looks So, So Bad

Finally a video game that lets you watch other people play video games.
Oooh, 'Gamer Girl' Looks So, So Bad

On Thursday, game company Wales Interactive debuted the trailer for an interactive videogame called Gamer Girl. It's a choose-your-own-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of an online moderator for a female video game streamer. It's like that Black Mirror episode "Bandersnatch" except with all of the thrill of deleting comments in a chatroom:

It's hard to tell if this is actually a video game or some kind of elaborate sting operation to catch sexual predators en masse. The premise is that through moderating Abicake99's chatroom you'll somehow gain her trust enough to make basic everyday decisions within her life, and then, eventually, you fall in love, maybe? Which, sure, who among us hasn't fallen for the hunky moderator. It's almost a trope, really. Woman meets anonymous man. Woman hires man to become moderator for little to no pay. Man hits delete every time someone in the chat spams "boobs." Woman is so enamored that she can't answer a phone call without running it by him. I mean come on, Wales Interactive, this is a video game. It doesn't have to be 100% realistic!

Over the weekend, however, the trailer was met with considerable backlash, much to the confusion of the developers. People were pissed, it seems, that the entire writing staff of this game about a female streamer was comprised entirely of men.

But, woah, woah, woah, feminists. They had that covered. Alexandra Burton, the actor who played Abicake99, improvised her lines so she was given a writing credit. See! No sexism here *dusts hands*.

Fair enough, but that doesn't do much for the other gripes about this game, namely that it just looks horrible. At it's best, this is a game that lets you moderate comments. That's the game! Maybe you also get to simp/stalk a woman as she plays what looks like an off-brand version of Diddy Kong Racing. It's no wonder that Sony quickly pulled the trailer soon after release, but dear god, if we're going to have games about watching people play games, at least spare us some dignity and don't make us the moderators.

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Top Image: Wales Interactive

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