Being Named Dan Snyder Is About To Suck


Dan Snyder, the owner of a particular Washington DC professional football team, had a fairly bad day yesterday, and we're not just talking about his team rebranding issues.

All-day Twitter, fans, the media, and everyone who's a fan of karmic justice had their cheeks clenched to maximum capacity as they waited with anticipation for this alleged proverbial Sword of Damocles to shit out an even bigger sword of Damocles right into Snyder's open mouth. Speculation ran wild until the story finally dropped:

But while everyone is digesting the Washington Post story, quite a few people are waiting for the knots in their stomach to untangle. I'm talking about other Dan Snyders.

Yes, Dan Snyders all over America (there could be 100) might soon join the ranks of the various William Cosbys or Brett Kavanaghs as people who have to repeatedly say, "No, not that guy. I'm a different one," before almost being hung up on or maced.

This phenomenon isn't uncommon, even within the same profession. Brandon Marshall, the linebacker, for example, repeatedly catches criticism for Brandon Marshall, the wide receiver. (for repeatedly catches nothing.) But the frustration might be amplified for the Dan Snyder in the tweet above as his role as a newscaster could repeatedly force him into the public eye. I guess it mostly depends on how bad the fallout to the accusations in the story actually is.

So allow me to say in advance, good luck to news Dan Snyder and all the other non-Washington football team owning Dan Snyders out there.

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