Get These iPads, Laptops, and Monitors On The Cheap

Get These iPads, Laptops, and Monitors On The Cheap

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Everybody loves some swanky new technology, right? Well, you'll love it even more when you can tell all your friends you got it for 217% off. We've rounded up some of the best tech deals on the web to help you save a bundle on iPads, laptops, and monitors. Check them out. (Disclaimer: None are more than 100% off.)

MSRP: $199

Sale Price: $114.99 (42% off)

The iPad Mini is basically like a big phone with a ten-hour battery, allowing you to work, play, browse, and hold it up to your head as if you're receiving a phone call on a comically large phone just about anywhere.

Apple iPad 4 9.7" 16GB - Black (Certified Refurbished) Bundle

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MSRP: $199.99

Sale Price: $134.99 (32% off)

Just want the convenience of a tablet without breaking the bank? This 2012 model gives you everything you need from a basic tablet, including Siri virtual assistant, Wi-Fi, and 16GB of storage. What could you possibly need more storage for? Do you want to be on Hoarders? Because that's how you get on Hoarders.

MSRP: $599

Sale Price: $348.99 (41% off)

Get a 2016 iPad Pro with 32GB of internal storage and a beautiful 9.7" Retina display, plus a charger, a case, and a tempered glass screen cover, all for a price that couldn't buy you a used car instead. Well, maybe a beat-up Ford Fiesta or something.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB - Space Grey (Certified Refurbished)

Get These iPads, Laptops, and Monitors On The Cheap

MSRP: $549.99

Sale Price: $479.99 (12% off)

This 2017 iPad Pro model has a ten-hour battery life, a 12MP iSight rear camera, a 7MP FaceTime HD front camera, ProMotion technology for a greater animation experience, and much more. You can't even comprehend how much more. It'll offer you so much more that you'll start to feel kind of bad about it. Don't: The Giving iPad loves you.

MSRP: $1,499.99

Sale Price: $499.99 (66% off)

This 2015 HP model combines high-performance technology with Intel's Core i5 processor, HD Graphics 520, 8GB of DDR memory, and 512GB of storage. Running on Windows 10, with a 14" display, it'll provide an immersive experience whether you're gaming, browsing, or watching Jurassic Park. Don't just look at them dinosaurs. Be them dinosaurs.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 13.5" Touch Core i5 8GB (Cobalt Blue)

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MSRP: $1,299

Sale Price: $979.99 (24% off)

With a 15-hour battery life, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a wide 13.5" LED touch display, the Surface 2 is the perfect choice for busy people who need to get things done on the go. Who has time for clicking? Poke this thing like the majestic hairless ape you've always wanted to be.


HP EliteDisplay E243p 23.8" 16:9 IPS Sure View Monitor

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MSRP: $364

Sale Price: $309.99 (14% off)

The perfect monitor if you're working on something proprietary, the EliteDisplay has an integrated privacy screen that shields sensitive content from prying eyes. It'll be great for your eyes, with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080, but it's also fully adjustable in four directions, in case your sniveling cubicle mate really can't take the hint. Eyes on your own paper, Todd.

HP EliteDisplay E273d 27" Docking Monitor

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MSRP: $409

Sale Price: $364.99 (10% off)

This high-end monitor displays content in full HD at 1920x1080 resolution and 250cd/m² brightness and offers tilt, swivel, and rotation for optimal viewing. Best of all, however, it has ten ports, letting you connect audio or a secondary display, charge your devices, and pretty much anything else you can plug into a monitor. Get creative. Just keep in mind that we're not responsible for the outcome.

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