Grandpa's 64-Phone 'Pokemon Go' Mobile Battle Station Is A Sight To Behold

I'd call it a virginity protection shield but he's already a grandpa, so maybe it's a pussy magnet?
Grandpa's 64-Phone 'Pokemon Go' Mobile Battle Station Is A Sight To Behold

Back in 2018, a then-70-year-old Taiwanese Pokemon Go superfan Chen San-yuan made headlines with his preposterous rig designed to let him play the mobile game across 11 phones at the same time. He was easily identifiable as the only person driving around town on a bike that had a T-Mobile store display where his handlebars should be.

In 2019, Chen's bike rig evolved to its second form: a 45-phone mural dedicated to Pokemon Go that there's no way he was able to see over as he rode.

Chen has since touched the void. He currently resides within the eternal bliss of insanity. He's evolved his rig to its third form -- a 64-phone Pokemon Go Tower of Babel that might one day crush him beneath the weight of his own hubris.

The man looks ready to pedal headfirst into battle, confident that his shield of Pokemon Go will protect him from arrows and large spears. He's not going to need his next of kin to ensure that his headstone is a loving recreation of his peacock-like unfurled plumage of phones craved out of polished granite. Chen is doing the work on his own by The Cask of Amontillado-ing himself within an impenetrable barrier of Pokemon Go and burner phones.

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