Confederate Monuments Are Being Defaced In Gorgeous Ways

If a picture is worth 1000 words than this picture says, 'FU, Robert E. Lee' 200 times in a row.
Confederate Monuments Are Being Defaced In Gorgeous Ways

Confederate monuments are being torn down across the country as a result of the George Floyd protests, but there are those who might feel the monuments should remain. I'm not talking about the white supremacists, although for sure there are many who at this moment are writing angry screeds about the preservation of history but also that Hillary Clinton sired a bat on the planet Cromulon. No, what I'm talking about are the people who have seen confederate monuments and have done this:

When you talk about the preservation of history, that right there is the preservation of history. Robert E. Lee's monument has been graffitied into oblivion with BLM slogans as a guy wearing a shirt that reads, "In my ancestor's wildest dreams" attempts to dunk on a guy coming in for an epic block. I'd say it was a Nike ad come to life, but it's symbolic of so much more than a corporate slogan. It is hatred reformed into a symbol of progress, and that symbol of progress is about to posterize Robert E. Lee and his stupid horse. There are many more, just like this:

It's hard to say whether a statue of Robert E. Lee with a quote by Harriet Tubman projected on to the front of it is preferable to just a statue of Harriet Tubman, and perhaps eventually they will tear Robert E. Lee down by his racist-ass, pointy beard (despite what you might have heard, Robert E. Lee DID own slaves and was not anti-slavery) and erect an abolitionist in his place. But for now, it is cool to see people take photos with swords like they're goddamn Achilles and to metaphorically dunk on oppression 150+ years into the future. These monuments are being defaced, sure, but they are being defaced in the most beautiful of ways.

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Top Image: Pixabay/pixel2013, Martin Falbisoner/Wiki Commons

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