It's Past Time For Drew Brees To Understand The Point Of Kneeling

There's a football pun here about fumbles or false starts, but Brees was just outright stupid.
It's Past Time For Drew Brees To Understand The Point Of Kneeling

Drew Brees does not have a history of concussions, which while fortunate, also leaves us completely puzzled as to what mental misfiring occurred that would cause him to go on TV (or whatever Yahoo! Finance broadcasts to) and say this:

It's incredible to me that anyone still believes Colin Kaepernick's protests where about disrespecting the flag as if Kaepernick had some sort of secret vendetta against Betsy Ross. (The stars are too tiny, dammit!) Kaepernick's kneeling is and has always clearly been about the systematic oppression of Black People and the argument that this protest is somehow dishonorable to the military, in a country where the military has literally fought for our right to protest, feels asinine. (Not to mention the fact that Kaepernick got the idea of kneeling rather than sitting from a Green Beret.)

So what are the thoughts and feelings of Brees' teammates and fellow players around the league? It turns out they're not happy.

That comes from Malcolm Jenkins, Pro Bowl Safety of the New Orleans Saints. If you watch the video you can see just how emotional he gets. This was a man Jenkins clearly respected greatly, and to see his public lack of support while Black People are on the street fighting for their lives creates the type of rift you can't just overcome by playing a few games of football together. Here's another comment from Saints All-Pro Wide-Receiver, Michael Thomas.

But it's not just football. Brees mess this up so bad that even LeBron James decided to weigh in.

... Brees offered a token apology with a cheap stock photo literally called "Black and White Human Hands - Handshake Against Racism."

I'm not Brees' teammates or fans, and it's not my apology to accept. For some, he might have to do more. For others, it might not matter what he does. Remember, New Orleans is a predominately Black city and the Saints are a central part of that city's history. The Superdome was the largest refuge for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and the Saint's Superbowl win in 2010 became a rallying point for recovery. Brees was a major part of that win, which must make this betrayal all the more painful. Just know that it's pretty fucking embarrassing when Logan Paul of all people is able to wrap his head around this shit before you can.

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