What's With Dudes Using Medieval Weapons To Attack Protesters?

These men lie in the intersection of extreme nerd, extreme idiot, and extreme bigot.
What's With Dudes Using Medieval Weapons To Attack Protesters?

As protests are erupting all over the country, one disturbing "trend" (we put trend in quotes because thankfully, as of now, it is only a pattern of two) is evolving along with it. Guys are showing up to protests with bizarre weapons, looking to live out there own perverse versions of Rambo as they take aim at the protesters.

Our first psychopath is Brandon McCormick, who showed up to a Salt Lake City protest with a bow and arrow:

McCormick drove his vehicle into the crowd before pulling out the bow, shouting "all lives matter," nocking his arrow, and then allegedly aiming it at the protesters like Batshit Everdeen. It's unclear whether he was able to get off a shot before the protesters swarmed him, thereby ending one of the dumbest shooting sprees the world ever did see. McCormick has a history of sharing racist memes on Facebook and has talked about going back in time to murder Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, in case you thought this was just some misunderstanding about a guy doing a very poor Hawkeye cosplay in the middle of a civil rights demonstration.

Brandon McCormick May 21 at 1:36 PM. I also wish I could go back in time to take out Oboma and Hillary in the crib
Facebook Post By Brandon McCormick

Then there's the scholar, Charles Shoultz, who stabbed a protestor with a sword, before getting the ever-loving shit kicked out of him by a group of protestors. Schoultz admits it was a mistake writing in a series of posts, "Hey, funny story. The guy in this video getting his ass kicked? That's me. I had a bit of an adventure this evening trying to protect a bar I love, one that ended with me in the hospital. But I am quite alive, if a bit worse for the wear."

What? This guy treats attempting to murder someone like it's a plot point in How I Met Your Mother. This isn't "a bit of adventure," dude, where you make a mistake and just get to shrug it off until the next episode comes around. This is an entire race of people advocating for their right not to be murdered by the police, and you stabbed one of them to protect the place where you presumably get shit-faced and tell women to call you Aragorn.

Hopefully, these two idiots are the only data points, and we later refer to these incidents as "the time two morons attacked protestors with medieval weaponry." Otherwise, we have to face the even harsher reality that there are more of these weird nerds that see protesters not as people, but as targets in a live-action role-playing game.

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