John Cusack, Of All People, Got Attacked By Police

And he wasn't the only celeb.
John Cusack, Of All People, Got Attacked By Police

Shit's crazy out there, y'all. In addition to all the general injustice going on amid protests of the death of George Floyd, someone hijacked the Chicago police scanner to play "Chocolate Rain," a tiger may or may not have been set loose from the Oakland Zoo, and police are roughing up folks from the humblest of protestors to everyone's favorite Sad Guy in the Rain. The Chicago native was just, well, doing the opposite of minding his own business on Saturday night when a nearby group of officers decided they "didn't like filming burning car" and "came at with batons." Obviously, no one deserves that kind of treatment, but Jesus, guys. That's like attacking Mr. Darcy.

He was far from the only celebrity on the streets this weekend, and while some of them were no doubt doin' it for the 'gram, no one ever said that optics come without consequences. Even Halsey took a rubber bullet or two because police are feeling brazen enough to open fire on celebs in front of a sea of witnesses. Perhaps police brutality is the great equalizer after all. Wait, no -- no, that's not true. Victims of police brutality are still far more likely to be black, poor, and/or otherwise marginalized and decidedly not famous.

Of course, even the protections of fame has limits. Of the celeb crowd, the one that seems to have taken it the hardest was Insecure star Kendrick Sampson, who was hit by no fewer than seven rubber bullets and beaten with batons. There's a subtle difference between him and Cusack that might lead police to go rougher on him, see if you can spot it:

Stay safe out there, everyone, but especially black folk.

Top image: 20th Century Fox

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