How oblivious to the death toll of the viral pandemic that's gripped the country for months do you have to be to proudly announce that Trump is giving away $100,000 just as the nation approaches 100,000 deaths? The Trump administration heard that hypothetical question and said, "This many." Thus, they trotted out former Fox News puppet (No, not that one, the other one. No, the other other one.) Kayleigh McEnany to show off Trump's presidential paycheck, along with his bank account number. That last part was not intentional, but it was a perfect encapsulation of how effortless it is for these people to screw up the most basic of things, even a sloppy self-ass kissing session before the White House press corps.

The optics aren't great, but they never are with this administration, which is odd, considering how obsessed they are with using props to make their terrible points. How many times has Trump tried to prove a useless or vain point but gesturing toward to a nonsense chart, or a picture of his inauguration, or his electoral college victory map, or a stack of papers that are supposedly his taxes or something but we all know they're really pages from his unpublished cookbook manuscript where every recipe ends by drowning it in ketchup. The whole presser felt like the administration was set to proudly announce that Trump will donate one dollar for every person he's killed.

The celebration of having reached the incredible milestone of having killed nearly 100,000 citizens of the country he runs continued as Trump went on a golf trip. His golf outings have totaled $134 million so far, and we're not even halfway through his fourth year in office. But it all evens out when you factor in his generous $100,000 salary donation. At this pace, his presidency will have to stretch to somewhere in the neighborhood of infinity for his salary donations to make up for a fraction of his taxpayer-funded golf getaways. But he thinks he can pay it off since infinity is exactly as many years as he envisions himself running the country.

And all this as the virus continues to spread, and not just in major cities anymore. Rural America's infection rates are skyrocketing. But the president can golf again, and he's donating pocket change to a government he and his party are pillaging for the financial betterment of their rich friends -- perhaps the clearest sign yet that everything is returning to normal.

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Top Image: The White House

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