Facebook Is Punishing Employees For Working Remote

Mark Zuckerberg does it again!
Facebook Is Punishing Employees For Working Remote

The competition to be the biggest asshole billionaire rages on and, while Jeff Bezos' is putting on a Jordanesque-like performance, Mark Zuckerberg is looking to stage a comeback. Yesterday, Zuckerberg announced that any Facebook employees moving out of Silicon Valley would face pay cuts based on their remote location.

Aww, were you planning to move out of your outrageously priced (median estimate of $2,341 per month) Silicon Valley apartment to save money? Go ahead and do it, but that's not your money you'll be saving. It's the company's money because despite 50% of employees reporting that they were just as productive working from home as they were at the office, Facebook doesn't pay you based on your efficiency, results, or talent -- they pay you based on your rent.

Say what you will about Mark Zuckerberg, but the man is an innovator. Not in tech so much, but when it comes to screwing over people, there's no one more creative than Zuckerberg. And yeah, it's hard to feel sorry for Facebook employees who are making huge salaries in their own right, but isn't it alarming that a corporation can take advantage of your personal cost-saving measures? If you brought lunch every day to ensure that you saved money by not eating out, wouldn't it be weird if the company paid you less based on lower food expenses?

It is yet another example of socialism for the corporations and capitalism for the people. I guarantee that if Facebook moved its headquarters to Wyoming they would not then give a pay increase to anyone who decided to remain in Silicon Valley. But politics aside, what truly fascinates me is Zuck's ability to stab you in the back, while doing it with a smile. "We're going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale," Zuckerberg said, and he's right. But for Zuckerberg forward-leaning means leaning his foot on the throats of his employees.

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