Remember when Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert became Executive Asshat of the World after doing this:

That rampant act of douchebaggery happened only shortly before Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, and it was the day after, on March 11, when the NBA decided to suspend the remainder of their season. I personally remember it as the "shit just got real" moment, and I imagine a lot of people and a lot of companies felt the same way. If the NBA is willing to forfeit potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, then maybe they know something about this virus that we don't know. It didn't take too long for other major businesses and leagues to follow suit, and by March 19th the first statewide stay at home order was in place in California.

In a weird way, as twitter user @youyanggu points out, this kind of makes Rudy Gobert a hero. Granted he's a hero much in the same way the first little kid to get bit by Jaws is a hero, and albeit an even worse hero because at least that kid didn't rub all of his shark-attracting-blood on a bunch of microphones, but he's a hero nonetheless.

You could argue that Adam Silver is the real hero for being the one to proverbially yell, "get out of the water" by suspending the season, but whomever you want to credit, it can't be argued that the earlier social distancing measures have saved thousands of lives.

Also, on one hand, this story might've not resonated so much had Rudy Gobert not gone on TV and weirdly massaged a bunch of microphones. At the same time, he also might have played a role in spreading the virus around the league.

So goes the weird ethical paradox of having a flippant attitude in the face of a crisis. Sure, you risk putting yourself and others around you in immediate personal danger, but then once you get bit, you serve as a permanent warning to the community at large. So, thank you, Rudy Gobert. Your unbridled stupidity might have saved countless lives. We only wish you made a public asshat out of yourself even sooner.

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