Rich Jerk Named 'Dick Pusey' Taunts Police Officers As They Die

Who knew a guy named Dick Pusey would be such an asshole?
Rich Jerk Named 'Dick Pusey' Taunts Police Officers As They Die

A man named Dick Pusey is the new biggest asshole in the world, and I swear every word of that sentence will soon make sense.

The details of this story are still unfolding -- so feel free to add an "allegedly" in front of each statement I make from here on out -- but the tweet above pretty much nails it. Pusey was pulled over for speeding after driving his Porsche down the Victoria Eastern Freeway at a speed of around 140 km/h (87 mph). He was then found to be high because, obviously, who leaves home to embark on a decathlon of douchebaggery without first dipping into a little meth? The two officers making the stop called in two more for backup. As they were preparing to impound the Porsche, a semi-truck plowed into the scene, killing all four police officers, but leaving Dick Pusey unharmed. Mr. Pusey then chose to film their deaths before fleeing the scene, presumably late for an appointment to get fitted for a straightjacket.

Granted, it isn't directly Pusey's fault that these officers died. But rather than try and call an ambulance, he taunted them, zooming in on their bodies and loudly complaining about his damaged Porsche. We can't help but imagine that won't sit well when the judge goes to sentence him for the dozens of charges he now faces related to the crash, and it can't help endear him to the public as well.

This wasn't Pusey's first high-speed-douche-ride through traffic as footage caught his car speeding at 200 km/h (extremely tiny penis mph) in March. He's also a mortgage broker, and together with his choice of car, it gives you the sense that this is less a case of "sad person battling addiction" and more "entitled Patrick Bateman-type looking to be the Australian Psycho." Yet, there are those online who seem to be gleeful with his actions.

We're not sure what to make of this. Perhaps it says something about our desensitized society, or perhaps it says something about the complicated nature citizenry have with the police. Or maybe it just means that trolls are going to troll and we shouldn't make anything of it. However you feel about police, it's clear that this is a tragedy and that Dick Pusey has really lived up to his name.

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